10 Essential Fashion Rules for Choosing Perfect Accessories

As the yuletide season begins, when there are parties and social gatherings everywhere, It also means that it’s the time of the year when your holiday fashion sense really matters.

And, to keep up with the latest fashion trends and ideas for matching the perfect accessories for you clothes.

Here are some secrets and dismiss all the myths. Get ready for some quick wardrobe evolution.

Thou shall not wear not more than 3-4 big accessories

There shall be no more than three (3) to four (4) accessories and of course each of them should match in color, style and even in the material it is made of.

Thou shall not hide large collar underneath a huge scarf.

You don’t need a bulky scarf if your coat has a big collar. You may wear a light handkerchief on your neck or underneath the outer layer of your clothes instead.

Thou shall only use full set of matching jewelries in small size

While a lot of people in the fashion world argue that wearing a set of matching jewelries looks cheap, this is partly true. It actually depends on the size of an accessory. Let me tell you a secret. A set of matching jewelry will only look elegant if they are in small size.

Thou shall not match the color of your handbag with the color of your shoes

Matching the color of your hand bag with the color of your shoes isn’t really compulsory. The two shall actually be in contrasting color. If you have bright colored shoes, it is best to have a handbag in contrasting light tone.

Thou shall set your priorities

You have to make up your mind first whether you are wearing bright-colored clothes or eye-catching accessories. Apparently you can’t have them both. It is very important to apply the right emphasis in our outfit of the day (OOTD). Obviously, you can’t wear a puffy collar on a blouse and then pair it with an enormous diamond earring. It would only look absurd.

Thou shall not pair evening dress with a watch

Wrist watches blends well for urban, sporty or business style attires. However, matching wrist watch with an evening gown is a big no.

Thou shall not wear bulky rings

Many people are into the fashion sense of sporting huge jewelries, particularly gold rings. However, as it turns out, bulky rings don’t suit anyone. Thick rings don’t look good on short fingers while thin ones can visibly increase its length.

Thou shall wear gloves with the same color as one other features of your OOTD

You may look at the color of your shoes, your belt or your lipstick when choosing the color of your gloves. As a fashion rule, the color of your gloves should combine with at least one of your outfits.

Thou shall not wear black shoes if you are wearing pastel tones

Pastel color clothes are best when paired with lighter shade footwear.

Thou shall combine culturally specific accessories only with neutral-colored or earth tone clothes

If you will be wearing lots of beads of threads, tone down your OOTD’s over-all effect with neutral colored clothing as well.

Aizelle Joe