3 Must-see Natural Wonders of the Philippines to Visit this 2018

Now, let us make this 2018 a Year of More Travel! Take advantage of the long weekends this year and explore several parts of the Philippines you haven’t visited.

Philippines is a home to many natural wonders, so as to maximize your vacation leaves, check out these three astonishing places you should visit this year.

Tappiyah Falls in Banuae, Ifugao

If you are an adventure-seeker and you love trekking, this one is perfect for you as you will take on the trek in Banaue Mountains to Tappiyah falls. This is a bit challenging trip since the trails are filled with muddy and uneven trails through the rice terraces in the Barrio of Batad. But, once you reach the falls, swimming on it is very rewarding and will leave you refreshed and calm before the even more difficult trek back.

Tingloy Island in Batangas

There are lots of adventures to do in Tingloy Island which boasts of crystal clear blue waters and white sandy beaches, particularly at the popular Masasa Beach where you can go snorkeling, free diving and even swim among green turtles at the sea. Also, exploring in Masasa Natural Lagoon, Sumbrero Island and Sepoc Island and hiking in the beginner-friendly trail of Mt. Mag-asawang Bato is indeed worth visiting.

Siargao Island

Lots of social media posts are all over the internet revealing the beauty of Siargao. Who would not fall in love with this island which serves as an ultimate surfer paradise. It also hosts several varieties of other fun-filled activities and offers a wide range of delicious foods hubs. Siargao is absolutely the best destination for your next beach getaway this year.


Aizelle Joe