3 Things You Should Never Tell Anyone Other Than Your Husband

People, particularly women love to talk as we used to live in groups and are more attached than any other time in the history of the globe. However, there are several topics that should stay just between you and your husband.

A healthy relationship is when you have a healthy communication with your spouse. And your good communication will definitely go a long way if you decide carefully which topics to share and not to share to others and here are a few suggestions to get you going:

Intimate Moments

Sex could be an exciting topic and in fact one that is absolutely disclosed in magazines. But in reality, it should be a very personal subject matter that you should only be discussing with your spouse.

For some reasons, you should refrain from getting too oversharing about intimacy out of respect of your husband. Just imagine how you would feel if you discovered your husband sharing your intimate details with his peers or his colleagues. Whether things between you and your husband are going great or worse, just keep it between the two of you.

Such intimate moments are a huge display of trust and vulnerability. So, don’t betray that trust by publicly announcing your intimate relationship. Don’t even dare sharing it privately with others.

Talking about your intimate life could also means opening up all kinds of possible issues with jealousy, comparisons, pride and annoyance. If you really feel like you need help from an expert, consult your husband’s decision about it first so you could talk about it.

Complaints about your Husband

Sharing complaints about your husband also means spreading gossip about your husband. If you’ve got problems with your husband, give it time to talk about it with him and not with others. Remember the saying, “Your problem requires personal solution, not social attention,”. If you really want your healthy relationship to last, give it the kind of treatment it deserves.

When you tell your issues about your husband to others, you are basically asking them to think poorly about your husband. Eventually, you’ll regret sharing those things to others.

Issues with the In-laws

If your in-laws are amazing, you could shout it out to the whole world, but if they are terrible, well, just keep it yourself. Don’t ever dare venting to social media or to your peers. Be most especially careful about venting to your parents. Remember, they are your family and they will absolutely become defensive of you, ruining their impressions of your in-laws.

If you have issues with your in-laws, talk about it with your husband first. Think of a plan together on how to best deal with the problem. It is enough to vent to him.

Aizelle Joe