5 Most Common Myths About Japan

Since Japan is a very awesome country with a very distinct culture, it is getting a lot of media attention. However, it isn’t always what the media portrays.

Most often, reality is way from what we expect. In Japan, since the country is best known for having a very distinct culture, many are expecting too much. However, it isn’t always exactly what it seems like in media buzz.

If you would come to visit Japan, you may find out the big difference between your expectation and reality.

Here are the 5 most common myths about Japan.

Trains are always on time and never late.

Japan has a very efficient public transportation system. In big cities, there are different train companies in full swing, with different route options. If a train has been delayed, a commuter can always take a different company’s train or different line bounded to the same station.

However, outside big cities, expect more frequent delays. And as such, a bike and walking may actually be more effective. One good piece of advice is to always plan ahead and try to consider going out earlier.

Japanese Students are Well Behaved

Well, kids would always be kids no matter which country they came from. There will be kids who will be well behaved, and there will be others who will be extremely disobedient.

All Japanese Foods are Healthy

It is also true that Japanese pride themselves in preparing foods with fresh ingredients. However, you will find out along the way that there are still some Japanese foods that become unhealthy when eaten on a daily basis. For an instance, lots of carbohydrates are being eaten in the country, particularly white rice and white toast. Moreover, since a lot of Japanese prefer to use the freshest ingredients possible, they usually skip trimming fat from meats.

In addition, fruits are very expensive in Japan. Thus, if you really love fruits, you have to eat in moderation to have an extra budget for fruits. Nevertheless, their vegetables can be quite cheap.

Japan’s Customer Service is Excellent

Customer service in Japan is excellent. However, they don’t adopt the motto, “The customer is always right!”. It can be true that customers can get the utmost respect, but there is no customization or flexibility in what you buy or order at a certain business establishment. For an instance, you cannot ask the wait staff at a restaurant for an extra cheese for your pizza, or substitute a sushi for sashimi. They have a distinct customer service practices and they obey rules.

Japan Has an Advanced Technology

Japan is a leader in technology. In fact, giant companies like Sonny, Toyota and Canon are Japanese. However, many companies in the country still use fax machine and do their administrative jobs with the use of paper and pen. Though they’ve got advanced technology, the country is also stuck on traditions.

If you are thinking about working in Japan, it is highly recommended to keep an open mind and have expectations to match.

Aizelle Joe