5 Noche Buena Foods that Bring Out that Filipino Christmas Vibe

As they say, the longest Christmas season only happens in the Philippines, and that’s absolutely true. In fact, as soon as our so-called “–ber” months kick off, we already start to feel that Christmas vibe.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? In fact, as soon as “-ber” months begin, we, Filipinos, are starting to decorate our homes, buying gifts for our loved ones or playing Christmas songs to feel that Yuletide vibe.

Ironically, aside from such Christmas decors, presents and jingles, we also feel the spirit of Christmas though food. In fact, as early as November, many of us are already planning our Christmas Eve menu to celebrate our much awaited Noche Buena with our family and friends.

Here are five of our favorite Noche Buena foods that are very Pinoy:

Meaty Spaghetti

While Italians love their spaghetti cheesy and creamy, Filipinos love their spaghetti sweet and meaty. This is actually a crowd’s favorite during yuletide season. It satisfies both the kids and the kids-at-heart.

Pork Menudo

As the yuletide season begins, parties everywhere also begin all over the country, and in all types of Filipino gatherings, pork menudo is always present in their menu. This is one Filipino staple dish that is hard to resist.


Christmas can’t be complete without barbecue, be it pork or chicken. While this used to be a simple marinated and grilled meat in skewers, it is one of households’ favorite.

Queso de Bola and Ham

When it comes to Noche Buena menu in the Philippines, there are really some foods that are pretty iconic. Together with “bibingka” and “puto bumbong”, no Christmas feast can be complete without queso de bola and ham on our dining table.

Aizelle Joe