6 Signs of a Gifted Child

Most often, parents usually talks about children having learning problems and educational delays, and they rarely talk about children being intelligent and has remarkable learning abilities. How would we really notice or recognize children’s excellent capabilities?

Unfortunately for our gifted children, only a few teachers were trained to determine if a child has gifted skills. And instead of spotting the children’s excellent capabilities, teachers tend to classify the kids as “problem children” or “difficult children” since they exhibit some of the following personal characteristics:

Gifted children get bored easily

From a teacher’s point of view, a child is distracted and doesn’t pay attention in class. But in truth, it might actually be because that child already knows the subject or already understood everything from the very first time it was discussed. Gifted children can finish their work just before the others do and need more work than other kids at school to keep them busy.

Gifted children learn very quickly

Gifted children can understand everything very easily and quickly. There is no need to teach them one by one or by example or to explain things thoroughly. They simply enjoy learning and might enjoy more to watch tutorials online, read more than normal kids and write or draw about their thoughts. Some people say that a child is withdrawn because they don’t play with the other kid, but this may be because the child enjoys learning activities more than playful activities.

Gifted children have a very wide vocabulary

You might be surprised with this kind of talent that gifted children have. They might speak words, expressions and topics that you have never heard or usually discusses at home. Some people might interpret such talks to be rude or disrespectful, while others might feel challenged since most of them are not accustomed to talking with children who can think and talk educated ideas and excellent opinions. In fact, gifted children may have even likely invented their own complex language instead of speaking in their native language.

Gifted children have structure and are self-disciplined

When it comes to things that has got the interest of those gifted children, they are like specialists who love to keep those interests well structured. Notice how their toys and books and kept in place and in order so they can have an easy access and can talk for hours about the things they are into. While they may simply be talking about Star Wars or Harry Potter, their unbelievable knowledge about all that things and characters may most probably give you hint about their keen attentions to details and structures.

Gifted children are always curious and ask a lot of questions

Although a child’s too many questions may sound annoying, the kid must be already exhibiting a special skill for curiosity. Unfortunately for the gifted kids, teachers will only see them as children who can’t focus their attention on what is being taught. However, if they would really pay attention, the kids’ never ending questions reveal their gifts.

Gifted children have unbelievable focus

Whatever it is they are doing at a certain moment, once something that completely captures their interest came in, such as a fictitious world like Harry Potter, or even a broad subject like the universe or the ocean, everything else around them will become invisible. It will even come to a point when their fascination distracts them during mealtime, school, play and even when they sleep. While their focus on a certain topic may seem like a distraction to others, in truth, it actually reveals the children’s ability to improve on a specific topic or talent.

Aizelle Joe