A Checklist for a Stress-free School Year

For kids, school season means getting up early for school every day, while for parents, it is another year-round of their bragging and never-ending tasks right from sunrise ‘til sunset.

Generally, in those days when the kids just came in from a two-month long summer vacation, getting them back on track is probably the hardest thing to do since for them, school season means getting up early every day for a whole day of learning at school.

So, here are some checklists to help both parents and kids deal with their new daily routines and have a stress-free school year:

Make sure the kids get enough sleep

Kids may have spent long nights during summer vacation season but when the school season kicks off, it should not be the case. According to several medical studies, lack of sleep can affect a child’s learning process, which may eventually lead to the child’s poor performance in school.

Moreover, Stanford Children’s Health Sleep Center Director, Nanci Yuan, also claimed that sleep deprivation occurs to everyone, but it is most common among teens.

To help the kids get enough sleep during school season, set a realistic bed time for them and make sure that they follow it to create a healthy sleep routine for them. It would be better if you are in it together as well.

Fix their school things ahead

Teach your child to fix his or her own school bag every night after their home works. Such task will serve as a daily reminder to them that they still has a responsibility at school the following day. In addition, preparing their own stuff every night will also save both parents and the kids from the stress of forgetting something particularly their homework. It will make a big difference when a child always comes prepared at school.

Prepare a healthy snack

Children always look forward to their snacks after class or other school activities. Typically, kids will ask for sweets, chips and other treats, but of course it is not advisable for parents to give in to their kids’ desire. Think of a better way to give them a healthy snack. You just have to be creative when preparing their snacks. For example, you can garnish their plain ham and cheese sandwich with vegetable like lettuce or use special shapes or characters when preparing their nutritious meal.

Aizelle Joe