A Tribute to Philippines’ Great Lawmaker Who has the Most Number of Bills and Resolutions Filed

Following the death of our beloved lady lawmaker who succumbed to lung cancer yesterday morning, the entire country was brought into deep mourn.

Renowned as the “Iron Lady of Asia”, tributes to the Philippines’ one of the greatest lawmaker, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, has started to surface in news and social media. In fact, many have tagged her such as the “President the Philippines Never Had,” giving her so much honor and pride.

Imagine how she had spent her life dedicating most of her time serving her fellow citizens even after she was diagnosed with stage four (4) lung cancer.

Amidst her battle with her ailment, she failed to attend to most of the Senate sessions and hearings. Nevertheless, she was able to file the most number of bills and resolutions among her colleagues.

At the time of her death, Santiago has already filed a total of 1,007 bills and resolutions. Said figure is as of December 17, the last session day of Congress in 2014.

Back in July, 2014, Santiago broke the news about her stage lung cancer into public. In October the same year, she subsequently announced that 90 percent (90%) of her cancer cells have already been killed through the help of oral chemotherapy or targeted treatment as the lady lawmaker expressed her hopefulness to attend the Senate session.

In fact, even while on leave, the lawmaker was still attending carefully chosen hearings of the Senate foreign relations committee and Commission on Appointments which she both leads like the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement and the murder of Jennifer Laude, the transgender woman from Olongapo City.

To name some of Santiago’s sponsored or authored bills since her election back in 2004, here are few of those proposed laws:

• Reproductive Health Act
• Biofuels Law
• Renewable Energy Law
• Sin Tax Law
• Magna Carta of Women
• Anti-photo and video Voyeurism Act
• Philippine Act on Crimes Against International Humanitarian Law, Genocide and other Crimes Against Humanity
• Cybercrime Law
• Seatbelt Law
• Exact Change Act
• Philippine Standard Time Act
• Motorcycle Helmet Act
• Kasambahay Law
• Anti-bullying Law
• Archipelagic Baselines Law
• Climate Change Act

Also, the fearless senator is likewise pushing for the passage of the following bills before the end of her term in 2016:

• Anti-commercialization of Human Organs
• Tissues of Parts of Living Persons Bill
• Anti-epal Bill
• Anti-political Dynasty Bill
• Billboard Regulation Bill
• Call Center Bill
• Child Care Centers Bill
• Certificate of Intention to Run for Public Office Bill
• Clear Sidewalks Bill
• Compulsory Teaching of Ethics Bill
• Deceased Donor Bill
• HIV and AIDS Bill
• Magna Carta of Workers in the Informal Sector
• Pthalate-Free Toy Bill
• Special Education Bill
• Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom
• Whistleblowers Bill

Also, amongst the 538 bills she drafted back in 2014 were proposed laws for the institutionalization of an age-appropriate curriculum to prevent abduction, exploitation and sexual harassment of minors which are damaging to their developmental aspects which is entitled as Senate Bill No. 2339, firmer monitoring of bank accounts of politically exposed persons, entitled as Senate Bill No. 2438, part-time employment in place of cost-cutting entitled as the Senate Bill No. 2470 and increasing court-awarded damage for death entitled as Senate Bill No. 2513.

Moreover, to name some of her resolutions filed before the senate, she recently filed a resolution urging the Senate to conduct inquiries in support of legislation on the alleged Binay farm, the projects of the controversial Hilmarc’s Construction Corp., the constitutionality of the Visiting Forces Agreement as well as the series of abduction cases in Makati.

Apparently, to enumerate each and all of her proposed bills and resolutions, definitely it would take so much time and this would take longer. But in a few words, here is what every Filipinos want to tell you, our beloved senator, Filipinos will always treasure you.

Aizelle Joe