Cops, Soldiers and Uniformed Personnel to Start Receiving Doubled Salary

As promised, cops, soldiers and uniformed personnel’s doubled salary is about to come into reality as President Rodrigo Duterte recently approved a joint resolution modifying their base pay schedule.

News have its that cops, soldiers and uniformed personnel will start receiving their doubled salary promised by President Rodrigo Duterte after the latter approved a joint resolution by modifying the base pay schedule of the policemen, military and other uniformed men in service.

The joint resolution actually took effect on January 1. Under the said measure, an entry-level uniformed personnel – police, fire, private officer, apprentice seaman or a seaman third class and jail officer 1 who used to receive a base pay of P14,834.00 will be receiving P29,668 this year.

The joint resolution sets a two-tranche hike in 2018 and 2019, while some of the ranked officials will retain their base pay in the implementation of the modified pay schedule next year, 2019.

While both the chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police have a current base pay of P67,500.00 they will be receiving a monthly salary of P121,143.00 this 2018 and P149,785.00 by 2019.

The resolution stated that there is a need to increase the compensation of military and other uniformed personnel “in order to make it more commensurate with their critical role in maintaining national security and peace and order.”

The indexation of pension of retired officers to the base pay shall still be based on the previous base salary schedule under the Joint Resolution No. 4 Series of 2009 according to news reports.

The resolution likewise cancels the provision of Executive Order No. 201 duly signed by the former President Benigno Aquino III, which grants military and other uniformed personnel a monthly provisional allowance and monthly officers’ allowance in an aim to increase their compensation.

On the other hand, the hazard pay shall now be fixed at P540. Under the previous administration’s EO No. 201, the hazard pay of military and uniformed personnel was supposed to increase in four tranches, which is from P390 beginning January 1, 2016 to P840.00 by January 1, 2019.

The doubled salary is one of President Duterte’s promises to cops, soldiers and other uniformed personnel.

Following the approval of uniformed men’s doubled salary, the President is now eyeing an increase of salaries of public school teachers.

Aizelle Joe