DepEd Orders Schools to Refrain from Giving Weekend Homework

From now on, students can have ample time to rest and spend quality time with the family on weekends as a new order from DepEd directs schools to refrain from giving students weekend homework.

In an aim to give students ample time to take a rest and to spend more quality time with their families, the Department of Education (DepEd) has directed the heads of public schools nationwide to refrain from giving students homework on weekends.

Under the memorandum issued by the said agency on September 16, Education Secretary, Armin Luistro, also directed teachers to limit the giving of homework to students to a “reasonable quantity”.

He further claimed that parents have previously complained that too much homework has significantly decreased the family’s quality time.

“It is advised that the teachers limit the giving of homework/assignments to a reasonable quantity to give their pupils ample time to rest and relax at home for the rest of the day,”

-the Memorandum stated

Generally, the Filipinos consist of many traditional values that have been treasured for decades and the same have passed on for many generations. In fact, one of those traditions is that we tend to keep our families intact through generations, thus it is very important for us to have quality time together.

Aizelle Joe