Experts Reveal What Happier Couples Do Together

As it turns out, experts revealed that those little things you do every day within your marriage determines your entire marital happiness.

Researches from psychologists and family experts recently revealed that there are few specific things that blissfully happy couples do that struggling couples don’t.

While some researches result might just seem like common sense, it is indeed interesting to determine which factors are scientifically proven to make marriages happier.

Happier couples used to share laughter

According to a recent marriage study, couples who used to share more genuine laughter together are much closer. The said study’s social psychologists and researcher, Laura Kurtz, claimed that couples who laugh more together tend to achieve a relationship goal of having a higher-quality relationships. In fact, she even referred laughter as an indicator of greater quality of marriage.

The study involved some 77 heterosexual couples, and each of them sat for a filming while telling how their love story started, ending with a survey regarding closeness and compatibility.

The researchers subsequently analyzed each couples video for frequency and duration of their laughs during the film. And, they found a significant link between quality laughter and high scores on the compatibility surveys.

The research also claimed that the wives laughed more often than the husbands. However, the husbands’ laughter are more contagious. They noted that when the husbands laugh, they are 1.73 times more possibly to make their wives laugh as well.

Happier couples exhibit random acts of kindness

In another research published in the journal Emotion, exhibiting random acts of kindness for your spouse, even if they aren’t aware about your deed, can boost your relationship goals.

The said study involved some 175 newlywed couples with at least an average of 7 months of marriage.

For two weeks, participants’ efforts in making a selfless decision to meet their other half’s needs are recorded while also taking note of their daily emotional states.

Although the study seems very straightforward, its result actually surprised the psychologist researchers.

Undoubtedly, the researchers were expecting a link between higher acts of kindness and higher amounts of marital happiness. However, they didn’t expect that they would witness this aspect of giving vs. receiving.

The researchers discovered that the spouses’ whose selfless acts of kindness went unnoticed still received very significant emotional benefits. In fact, you might also be surprised to know that the study found out that givers experienced 45% increase in emotional benefits than the receiver.

Happier couples have frequent intimacy

In a study from the Society for Personal Psychology, it was found out that couples who have sex at least once a week or more are way happier than couples who make love less often.

Meanwhile, the said study also made an interesting distinction citing that though couples who had sex more are happier, the correlation was no longer significant at a frequency of having sex of more than once a week, which means that couples who make love every day were not found to be any happier than couples who make love once a week.

Thus, the lead researcher suggests that it is important to keep an intimate connection with your spouse. It doesn’t need to be on a daily basis as long as you are maintaining that connection even at least once a week.

Perhaps, such once a week love making won’t make you feel pressured to get intimate to achieve a better marital bliss.

Keep a date night

In another marriage study which surveyed more than 500 participants aged 18 to 92, a significant trend was likewise revealed.

The study claimed that keeping up a date night can be absolutely powerful for a long-lasting marriage.

They were able to discover this link due to the fact that date nights keep couples’ relationships fresh even though many things have changed as their relationships grow older.

Moreover, the study also made a distinction that couples who specifically explore new things on their date nights, rather than just going through the usual experience each night out are happier.

"Your identity as a spouse and as a couple often gets lost behind the routine chores and everyday tasks.. You forget about things like talking as grown-ups, flirting with each other ... so date night is an essential element to put into your routine as a couple because it allows you to focus on your relationship and on each other in adult ways."

relationship expert, Aaron Anderson

Apparently, these research-based ways to boost your marital relationship sound simple and intuitive. Unfortunately, so many couples failed to do them. But for those couples who are willing to give it a try, these four ways are just fun and easy to do – from laughing more

Aizelle Joe