Fintech In Its Simplified Definition

Today’s financial technology or better known as fintech refers to a business that aims to provide modern financial services through the use of latest software and technology.

Nowadays, fintech companies are directly competing with banks and financial institutions to promote financial solutions and services to customers. Apparently, due to regulatory reasons and their internal structures, banks are still struggling to keep up with fintech startups when it comes to innovation speed. Fintech have recently realized the need to integrate financial services of all kinds such as money transfer, lending, investing and payments, in the lives of today’s internet-savvy and sophisticated customers in order to stay relevant in this world where business and private life become progressively digitalized.

Millenials and the generation that comes next to them prefer quicker and easier banking services than over the counter transactions, branch appointments with financial consultants and long processes of opening accounts or putting up together a portfolio.

When it comes to the payroll system, there is Doreming website with free real-time payroll platform that keeps employees and workers happily satisfied with financial freedom. It aims to lessen poverty and inequality by promoting employers to be employee friendly and motivate employees.

Take a closer look at the range of its emerging services as it is listed as the first Japanese company in the 2016 fintech 100.

Aizelle Joe