Former President Marcos Buried in National Heroes’ Cemetery

Finally, after so many years, Former Philippine President, Ferdinand Marcos has been perpetually buried at the National Heroes Cemetery.

The surprise decision came to light after the Supreme Court ruled that it is constitutional to bury the former President at the National Heroes Cemetery.

Obviously, the burial that was pre-announced to be held by the end of November surprisingly occurred as early as November 18, 2016 without prior notice to public. Thus, the surprise burial has prompted back to back protests by the anti-Marcos or the former administration’s opponents who have previously launched a challenge to have the burial prevented.

Marcos had been the Philippine President for two and a half (2 1/2) decade. He was referred to as a dictator for allegedly ruling the entire nation with an iron fist until he was ousted in 1986 through “People Power” revolution.

Following the People Power, he was exiled to Hawaii until he died in 1989. Upon his death, his remains were brought back to a mausoleum in his family’s hometown, in Ilocos Norte – Philippines’ northeastern section, where his corpse stayed for three decades.

He remained at the Mausoleum for so long since many Filipinos object to his proper internment in the National Heroes Cemetery. Opponents claimed that the former president had been so brutal in his ruling, citing the thousands of imprisoned and tortured individuals during his supremacy.

Thus, his family had waited for so long until the Supreme Court had finally ruled in their favor, and fortunately for the family, the SC’s decision was likewise backed by the current administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

In a video posted online by Marcos’ daughter, Imee Marcos, the decedent’s coffin was seen arriving by helicopter and the members of the family gathered together. Meanwhile, in some of the images taken by some members of the media outside the cemetery, police officers with riot shields lined up outside the gates while the army provided a “battalion-size military guard” for the honorary interment. Also, a 21-gun salute was conducted as the funeral rites.

In a statement offered by Imee Marcos on behalf of the family, she thanked the Supreme Court and President Rodrigo Duterte for the ruling that the burial of his late father is legal. She further noted that her family is grateful that they were able to grant the decedent’s wish to be buried with his fellow soldiers.

Apparently, since the burial came as a surprise, the media and the opponents, even the supporters were caught off-guard. The former president has been peacefully laid to rest when they all arrived at the area.


Aizelle Joe