From Mesmerizing White, Grey, Pink to Pebbled Beach, Philippines Has It All

Summer is not yet over, and fortunately for us, Philippines never fail to amaze us with its variety of natural wonders which are so captivating and intriguing. This summer season, choose which beach do you prefer - the white, grey, pink or pebbled one?

Beneath the smoldering heat of the sun, feel the warm on your skin and the silky beach sand on your toes. Let the never-ending flow of beach waves merge with the seashore as you and you loved ones watch it while enjoying a dip in the crystal clear blue waters.

Now, choose your bet, whether you want a pristine white, gray or pebbled sand beach or the pebbled one? Don’t you worry since Philippines has all of them so you don’t need to go too far.

7 Commandos of El Nido, Palawan

Unwind, sit back and relax at 7 Commando’s perfect stretch of pure white sand shores. Feel the gentle ocean breeze caress your skin while watching the mesmerizing view of sun set in its crystal clear blue waters.

Sabang Beach of Baler

One of the most renowned surfing spots in the Philippines, this surf town offers a smoky and shady shore. It may be dark as grey but it’s definitely beautiful and serene.

Pink Beach of Zamboanga

Literally pink! Recently, Zamboanga’s pink island gained recognition from the National Geographic as one of its “21 Best Beaches in the World”. This natural wonder is absolutely unique.

Mabua Pebbled Beach of Surigao

Surigao has lots of mesmerizing natural wonders to offer which includes this pebbled beach. It’s only half an hour away from the heart of the city of Surigao. It is very unique among many of the stunning beaches in the Philippines due to its gathering of smooth white and grey pebbles that make up its shore line.

Aizelle Joe