Google Philippines to Hire More Employees

Yesterday, the search engine giant recently announced that it would hire more personnel as Google Philippines relocated its local office to Taguig City.

According to the internet giant’s country manager, Kenneth Lingan, a bigger team will help Google engage businesses in digital marketing and target a larger market.

Apparently, despite the fact the Filipinos are already digitizing, businesses on the other hand have not been caught up according to Lingan.

He added that so far, Google employs some 40 to 60 people in its new office, and since its launch, its growth has been increasing.

Fortunately for the search engine giant, its growth path here in the country is expected to continue despite the strict protectionist policies of the new US President, Donald Trump.

Lingan is also confident that Google will not be able to prevent the opportunity for businesses to scale up due to online.

Other than this one in the Philippines, Google in Southeast Asia also has satellite offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Aizelle Joe