Government Says More than 28% of Japanese Population is Officially Old

More than 28% of Japan’s population is now officially old as revealed by the government data.

According to a data released by the government, over 28 percent of Japan’s population is now officially classified as elderly according to a data released by the Japanese government. It is in fact, the highest rate across the globe as the first ever wave of postwar baby boomers enter old age.

The government claimed that those aged 65 and above in the country now make up a record 35.6 million or at least 28.1 percent of their total population.

So far, the said proportion is the highest in the world, followed by Italy with 23.3 percent, Portugal with 21.9 percent and Germany with 21.7 percent based on UN data.

Moreover, those aged 70 and above accounted for some 20.7 percent of the total population, surpassing 20 percent for the first time.

Thus, the number indicates that the country’s postwar baby boomers are now entering old age. The demographic change is attributed to a combination of a low birthrate and long life expectancy.

The country’s rapidly ageing population signals a major headache for lawmakers who are faced with trying to ensure an ever-decreasing number of employees can pay for the growing number of pensioners.

Aizelle Joe