Home-based Employees’ Type of Work and Skills Explained

Defined as own-account workers or those employees carrying out work in their own homes, home-based employees also have several specific types or work and skills suited for them.

Generally, an employee’s nature of job is the very first thing to consider when thinking about whether allowing an employee to work from home or not.

Here are some types of jobs which are particularly perfect to home-based jobs:

• Marketing and Telesales
• Customer Service Representative
• Consultancy services
• Accountancy services
• Writing
• Editing
• Research and Translation
• Administrative jobs

Meanwhile, here are some of the required skills that employees need in order to work from home:

• Time management
• Self-discipline
• Self-motivation
• Self-sufficiency
• Communication
• Technology

Apparently, working from home job isn’t for everyone. As for the employer’s part, once an employee has been allowed to work from home, it might set a precedent that other employers might want to follow. Thus, employers must have to set a clear idea right from the start about how home-based working could fit the needs of a business. An employer might want to consider setting some “home” rules.

Meanwhile, as for employees with at least 26 weeks of services rendered can eventually request a range of flexible working hours from their employees. And, unfortunately for employers, in some case, they are lawfully obliged to consider requests for working from home from employees.

Aizelle Joe