House Committee Approves 100-day Maternity Leave

The House Committee on women and gender equality has recently endorsed a bill aiming to increase the maternity leave period of working moms to 100 days with pay for approval of the plenary.

Maternity leave or often called as parental or family leave, is the time when a mother (or father in some cases) takes leave from work for the delivery of a child and adoption as well.

Apparently, the proposed law is consists of an option to extend the 100-day maternity leave period with pay to an additional 30 days without pay.

So far, the allowable maternity leave period for female employees in the government service and private sector is 60 to 78 days.

The House Committee Chairperson, Rep. Emmeline Aglipay-Villar has just confirmed that during the 16th Congress, the bill has already reached second reading in the House and a similar version from the Senate was likewise passed for concurrence.

The 100-day Maternity Leave or the House Bill 4113 is a substitute measure for some 15 bills. The proposed law aims to protect the maternal health and postnatal health care of female employees and the newborn child’s welfare as well.

Under the said bill, the security of contract to female employees is assured and the same coverage will be granted to them whether they are in the government service or private sector.

Moreover, a recent press statement also claimed that in another provision, it is mandated that a female SSS member who has paid at least three monthly contributions within a year or in a 12-month period prior to the semester of her delivery or miscarriage shall be entitled with her daily maternity leave benefit, which shall be calculated based on the average monthly salary credit for 100 days, regardless if her childbirth is through normal or caesarian delivery and must be subject to the conditions stated under the bill.

Be noted that female employees availing the maternity leave shall receive not less than two-thirds (2/3) of their regular monthly salaries.

Following the approval of the said bill, the same now calls the attention of the Civil Service Commission and the SSS to conduct a review of maternity leave benefits of female employees immediately.


Aizelle Joe