House of Senate Approves Bill Allowing ‘Work-from-Home’ Program on Third and Final Reading

So far, the Philippines employment industry is still not that lavish when it comes to granting work-from-home set up. Thus, this proposed law would make it easier for both employers and employees to adopt such program.

In another attempt to help ease traffic in Metro Manila and other urban areas in the country, the Senate has likewise approved a bill which would encourage companies to adopt a work-from-home set up.

The Senate Bill No. 1363 or the Telecommuting Act of 2017 that was authored by Sen. Joel Villanueva and Cynthia Villar has been approved last Monday, May 22, on the third and final reading through 22 affirmative votes.

As defined under the proposed law, telecommuting is the partial or total replacement or substitution of computers or telecommunication technologies, or both, for the employees’ commute to work.

According to Sen. Villanueva, the proposed law likewise seeks to protect the rights of home-based employees by ensuring that they have equal pay, leave benefits and job promotions as their office counterparts.

“Employers must ensure that measures are taken to prevent the telecommuting employees from being isolated from the rest of the working community in the company,”

Sen. Villanueva

Meanwhile, employers need not to worry too much as the proposed law would not be mandatory just like the previously approved measure regarding the compressed work week.

According to Sen. Villanueva, the work-from-home bill will not be mandatory to provide the employers the discretion on whether to grant telecommuting option to their employees or not.

Aizelle Joe