How Much You Save from Telecommuting

Thanks to our modern technology, working from home is fast gaining acknowledgement among both employees and employers nowadays. Since the heavy traffic congestion and long hours of commute is taking their toll on employees’ productivity, many employers now allow their employees to work from home.

Home-based jobs or also known as telecommuting provides a lot of great advantages to both employers and employees, and aside from those advantages, home-based employees can definitely save a lot. See how much they can save:


For many employees who have switched to working from home, the biggest savings that telecommuting provides them is in the form of lower or no transportation costs at all. Depending on the distance than an employee travel, the cost of transportation for office-based employees could be more than P300.00 to P500.00 a day or a total of P10,000.00 month. In fact, round trip expenses could actually take 20% of a minimum wage employee’s monthly pay.


Absolutely, if you are working 8 hours a day, you often end up having dinner either from a cafeteria or fast food outlets which could cost you around P100 per meal a day or a total of 2,000.00 a month. Apparently, such amount is way higher than what you could spend if you just cook and eat at home. Also, there are some instances when you have to eat 2 to 3 meals in a day at the office, which would further heighten up your expenses. When you work from home, you’ll see the big difference.


Obviously, since you are only working either on your pajamas or your boxer shorts, you don’t need to spend on office clothes, accessories and make-up.


From the moment you begin telecommuting, your expenses on stress-related illnesses are most likely to go down since you are already in a less hectic pace of life. Just the fact of being able to lie down for a 10-minute nap at break time will already give you a great health advantage.


Since you no longer have to wait for a long queue at the MRT station or bus station, and you no longer have to endure the heavy traffic since you are working at the comfort of your own home, you can now do valuable things on the time you’ve saved from telecommuting like checking on your kids and ensuring the safety of your home.

Apparently, work from home arrangement works well with employees. In fact, in such arrangement, you can be able to enjoy the best that both home world and office world have to offer.

However, once you opted for telecommuting, just keep in mind that self-discipline and dedication is needed to succeed in such work from home arrangement.

Aizelle Joe