How to Correct Answer that Interview Question – ‘Why Should We Not Hire You?’

The question “We should we NOT hire you?” is absolutely a mind boggling interview question that always pops during a job interview. So, here is how to correctly address that question.

The questions “Why should we hire you?” and “Why should we NOT hire you?” are generally the most common questions during job interviews. However, the two are not necessarily the best question to assess a potential job candidate. In fact, the second question is only designed to intimidate and knock the applicants since it seems like you will be forced to drop your weaknesses.

Most often, during a job interview, when an applicant have been thrown out of comfort zone and caught by surprise, it becomes a win or lose situation. This is mainly because the interviewer is looking for a potential candidate who can remain composed after all.

So now let’s talk about how you would correctly answer that question:

There are actually two kinds of approach to nail that interview question.

Simply answer

Professionals and HR practitioners revealed that you can bring up some things that might cause employers to think twice before hiring you such as your lack of experience, and then counter it with your good quality such as you are very willing to learn.

Here’s one good example that you can use at an interview:

“I realize that since I am a fresh graduate, I only have limited work experience so far, but I’ve held a number of leadership positions in some of my college organizations. I also led a team on several successful projects. Thus, I am quite confident that I can work well with a different team and can definitely get through new challenges,”

If you use this strategy, expect that the interviewer will be looking straight to assess your reaction and your recovery. So keep a steady eye contact, sit up straight and keep your voice calm.

Challenge and counter

Some experts claimed that you can challenge the interviewer by saying:

“I prefer to talk about positive things like my strengths and how it can add help the company,”

Say it nicely. Such response might convey that you cannot be easily intimidated and that you are focused and engaged.

Generally, one thing that many people do when they are nervous is they keep talking, which eventually leads to unrelated matters. If you tend to do such strategy, take extra precautions. Be sure to keep your answers concise, without looking tensed or uncomfortable.

Experts further suggests to keep have an elevator pitch ready even before heading to an interview.

Also, one more piece of advice, most often, you only have 30 seconds to impress a prospective employer, so it would be best if you practice with a friend first and keep it in mind.

Aizelle Joe