How to Find a Promising Job in Japan

Many foreign job seekers from English speaking countries like the Philippines usually work in Japan as English instructors.

The demand for language instructors still remains moderately high, with some of the major language schools even operate recruitment offices in other countries.


Other than English instructors, other professional fields such as IT, modeling, gastronomy and entertainment are likewise available for qualified foreign job seekers who are taking chances to find a promising job in Japan. For some, being in Japan while job searching and combined with a job seekers’ Japanese language ability are two key factors to increase the chances of finding a good job in Japan.

However, keep in mind that in order to engage in any paid activities in Japan, it is required to have a working visa as it is strictly prohibited to participate in any paid activities if you are on a tourist visa.


There are many types of working visa, and each allows the holder to engage in paid activities only within a specified field such as engineer, language instructor or even entertainer. An applicant must have a job offer in Japan first to successfully obtain the most common types of working visa.

Meanwhile, permanent residents of Japan and spouse visa holders or those who are lawfully married to a Japanese national or a permanent resident of Japan are no longer required to have a working visa in order to engage in any paid activities regardless of their professional filed.

On the other hand, student visa holders are likewise strictly not allowed to engage in any paid activities in the country, unless they were granted with permission from the immigration office. In fact, even the students are only allowed to work on a minimum hours a week.

Aizelle Joe