JobStreet Says Filipinos are the Happiest Workers in Asia

Just a few weeks after Philippines has been recognized as one of the happiest places on earth, its countrymen is now taking the center stage after being referred to as the happiest workers in Asia.

According to the Happiness Index compiled by the giant online employment portal, JobStreet, Filipinos were the happiest with their jobs compared to workers from other Asian countries.

The index revealed that Filipinos has the highest job satisfaction rate in Asia, as the country’s fast growing economy boosts the productivity of companies as well as their worker’s happiness.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely unhappy and 10 being extremely happy, Filipino workers got an average of 6.25 points, having a close competition with Indonesia with its 6.16 average points. Thailand got the third place having 5.74 average points, followed by Hong Kong in its 5.4 average points, next is Vietnam in its 5. 48 average points while Singapore got the lowest average points of 5.09.

Apparently, the constant growth of the economy was lifting the spirits of the Filipino employees according to JobStreet’s Country Manager, Philip Gioca.

Gioca explained during an interview that when the output is growing, productivity is there, thus, targets are met, resulting to happier people in the workforce.

In fact, Gioca believes that it is a virtuous circle, when the companies have happy people, they have more productive people in return, so the companies grow, resulting the latter to invest more in their people.

Based on the Happiness Index Report, the most significant factor for Filipinos to feel satisfied at work is having worthy relationship with their colleagues, which Gioca likewise believed since it is the natural Filipino culture. Filipinos are highly interactive and would always want to build personal relationships with the people who they spend most of the time of their day with, he added.

Moreover, Gioca likewise believes that a convenient work location also boots the workers’ happiness, regardless of the traffic jams around Metro Manila, according to the report. For Filipinos, the company’s strong reputation is also important since they believe it provides stability to their career.

Meanwhile, the top factors that have convinced the Filipinos to leave their job are low salary, lack of various benefits and lack of training or learning opportunities.

The report further revealed that one out of three Filipinos claimed that they would absolutely feel happier at work if they were paid more, while one out of five said they would be more satisfied if they will have a new job instead.

However, Gioca noted that factors behind job happiness and unhappiness vary among workers depending on what level they were in their career.

Fresh graduates, junior executive and supervisor levels all prioritized good working relationships while Managerial positions focus more on company reputation.

Low salary and lack of benefits immediately discouraged fresh graduates and junior executive levels, while lack of training and learning opportunities disheartened supervisor and managerial levels.

Obviously, the younger the workers, the more they get focused on themselves and their colleagues. And, as they grow older, the more they become focused about the company and their opportunities to develop themselves and the other people as well, Gioca claimed.

Based on the report’s break down by sector, government workers, workers on the education and energy industries have the highest job satisfaction, while those who work in the retail, banking and business process outsourcing (BPO) industry were the least satisfied. Now, you can choose where you want to be with.


Aizelle Joe