Life Expectancy in 2040 Ranking Puts Japan in 2nd Place

In 2040, life expectancy is expected to rise at least a little in all countries. However, the ranking is projected to change dramatically.

With Spain currently taking the lead, and China and United States trading places in life expectancy, it’s life span is expected to rise at least a little in 2040 in all countries across the globe, but in a dramatically manner.

So far, Spain’s projected average lifespan of approximately 85.8 years, which had brought it in 4th place, is expected to oust Japan, which currently sits on the top of the rankings today, having a lifespan of 83.7 years, and will eventually fall to 2nd place in 2040.

In a swing that will be viewed by some to reveal a superpower changing-of-the-guard, the world’s two giant economies effectively switch positions compared to 2016: in 2040 the United States fell from 43rd to 64th with 79.8 years, while China on the other hand rose from 68th to 39th with 81.9 years.

Meanwhile, the research also found out that other countries are seen to move down in the race toward prolonged existence like Canada from 17th to 27 place, Norway from 12th to 20th place, Australia from 5th to 10th place, Mexico from 69th to 87th place, Taiwan from 35th to 42nd place and North Korea from 125th to 153rd place.

Moving up in the race for longevity include Indonesia from 117th to 100th place, Nigeria from 157th to 123rd place, Portugal from 23rd to 5th place, Poland from 48th to 34th place, Turkey from 40th to 26th place and Saudi Arabia from 61st to 43rd place.

Assuming its endless and devastating war comes to an end, Syria is expected to move up from 137th in 2016 to 80th place in 2040.

Overall, the research projected a five-year gain in life expectancy from 73.8 back in 2016 to 77.7 in 2040.

Moreover, the researchers predicts more positive and negative scenarios, in which life span rises to 81 years in the first case, and basically deteriorates in the second.

Nevertheless, the lead author and head of data science at the institute for Health Metric and Evaluation at the University of Washington, claimed, “The Future of the world’s health is not pre-ordained,”.


Aizelle Joe