Making Your Man Happy Only Takes a Few Simple Ways

The key to a long lasting marriage is being selfless. If you can put your family’s need above your own, then you are on the right track and you are in a healthy relationship.

Having the desire to fulfill your family’s needs, particularly your husband’s necessity is in no way bringing yourself to a second-rate role as a spouse. If you are truly in love with your husband, then you really want to make him happy.

Surprisingly, making a man happy only takes a few simple ways.

According to a relationship expert, although men’s needs vary, most of them have the same basic needs and such needs are what the majority of them pick on average.

Recreational Companionship

Even though you are a couple without anything in common and you both enjoy doing things on your own – which can be at times good in a marriage – you still have to try spending some time doing things he likes like golf, shooting and even basketball or sometimes videogames! Believe it or not, in those things you don’t seem to enjoy before, you’ll definitely have a great time now doing it with your husband! In fact, it might be one of your best dates ever. Try to show even at least a little interest on your husband’s hobbies. He may even return the favor to you and spend some time doing things you love too.

Sexual Fulfillment

It might be a sensitive subject, but it is indeed important. Relationship experts suggested that it is not good to treat intimacy like a game. You shall never withhold it as punishment as doing so would only intensifies the feeling of negativity and resentment. More than anything, intimacy can bind couples together. Intimacy is absolutely important to your husband, so it needs to be important to you as well.


When a husband is doing his part in a family, such as having a career, sending kids to school or bonding with children, you are in a healthy relationship. Sometimes, the most important things in our lives come unnoticed, like your husband’s effort for your family, but remember once in a while to show or tell your husband how much you love and appreciate all the efforts he does for you and your family.

Domestic Support

Domestic support involves the creation of a well-managed home and environment which is peaceful and harmonious, and to achieve that kind of support, both you and your husband must share household chores. Again, a husband should also be doing his part in order to say that you have a healthy relationship. Meanwhile, in this case, you can fulfill your husband’s needs by cooking your meals, washing the dishes and keeping your home clean and organized.

A Beautiful Wife

When you are in a married life, you are quite familiar about multi-tasking right from the moment you wake up until the time you are about to sit back and relax at night but you still have to help the kids with their homework, wash the dishes and clean the clutters. You actually have no more time left for your “me time” but don’t let this kind of thing become a regular habit. Exert some effort into making yourself attractive to your husband. Make it a habit to freshen up yourself before your husband arrives home for dinner and see you’ll likely to notice a positive difference soon. Also, it can make you feel great as well. I am telling you, it feels really good to feel beautiful.

Observing the above-said needs of your husband is a great way to look forward to a healthy relationship and long lasting marriage. Regardless if your relationship is on the rocks or not, try to fulfill each other’s needs so that the marriage will become stronger.

Aizelle Joe