Manila has the Worst Traffic on Earth Says a GPS-Based Navigation App

In a recent survey conducted by a GPS-based navigation app – Waze, Metro Manila has the worst traffic on earth.

Waze based its claim on a recent global evaluation. The app examined t0 million users in at least 32 countries and 167 major city areas respectively, assigning scores from 10, which is satisfying to 1, which is miserable. Subsequently, the answers were then evaluated for the Global Driver Satisfaction Index which was posted live on Waze’s official website.

The evaluations were based on the following six key factors:

  1. Traffic level by frequency and severity of traffic congestions
  2. Quality of roads and infrastructure
  3. Drivers safety based on accidents, road signs and weather
  4. Driver services such as access to gas stations and convenient parking
  5. Socio-economic (World Bank) including easy access to cars and effect of gas prices.
  6. The level of helpfulness and happiness within the app’s community or its so-called “Wazeyness”

The survey revealed that Manila, on a city level, ranked on top with the worst traffic on earth, next to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Jakarta.

Unfortunately, the country’s capital only poorly scored 0.4 in the traffic index and the Philippines ranked as the ninth worst place to drive.

Meanwhile, the survey in Netherlands, Slovakia, Sweden, U.S. and Czech Republic yielded a satisfying result.

The app claimed that traffic as well as the lack of it is a key indicator of driver satisfaction. Apparently, no driver would get satisfied in the kind of traffic we have here in the country.

Sor far, our government has proposed several ways to ease our roadways such as the opening of alternate routes and the construction of modular steel bridges in some heavily traffic congested areas.


Aizelle Joe