Most Popular Jobs in Japan for Foreigners

With the proper educational background and a bit of experience, you can easily find a job in the land of the rising sun.

With the right educational background and work experience, a job seeker can easily find a job in Japan. However, there are some jobs that really seem to attract many foreign employees. Here are some of the most popular jobs in the land of the rising sun.

English Teacher

Teaching English language at cram schools is the most common job for foreign employees, and a bachelor’s degree in any field is a requirement. However, since it is already a crowded market, it doesn’t pay well, but there is always a job available. In addition, the job offers invaluable life experience. Without proper teaching credentials back in their home country, an applicant from foreign countries can’t teach in public schools in Japan unless they went through the Japanese government’s JET program.

IT Professionals

Most Japanese companies usually hire foreign IT professional like software engineers and programmers, making the profession the second most popular job foreigners take in Japan. Although, they can absolutely make more money somewhere else, they still prefer working in Japan for their own reasons. Obviously, very little Japanese language ability is required to work in this field.

Translator and Interpreter

Translator is so in demand everywhere in the world, and not only for Japanese to English. Actually, most of these jobs are in the gaming industry since it is where game localization and testing is needed. Translators and interpreters could also choose freelance jobs like assisting a visiting business person or written job translations, provided that their visa allows.

Sales Persons

International sales persons such as sales managers, sales support person and sales representatives are some of the jobs that many local Japanese companies want to fill with foreign employees. Typically, these jobs are in companies having a global reach making effort to access international markets like the automobile and banking industries.

Military Personnel

It is an advantage for Americans who are deployed at one of the USA’s military base in Japan as it is another common way for foreign employees to enter Japan. Actually, there are more American military personnel based in the land of the rising sun than there are in any other foreign counties, and cities around huge military bases usually end up with huge international populations. However, some older citizens are opposing the idea of having excessive military presence in their country, thus, they end up protesting outside the military bases on a regular basis but some locals remain indifferent.


Typically, more foreign bank employees prefer to work in Hong Kong and Shanghai, huge investment banks in the country can afford to relocate or hire foreign employees. In fact, its banking industry supports other well-paying jobs, particularly in the IT sector.

Service Staff

As long as an applicant has a fair Japanese skills and valid visa, it is absolutely possible to find work in the service industry. Jobs in hotels, resorts and restaurants and other tourist areas are particularly open to hiring foreign employees due to their dual language skills.


Over the years, Japan have been known for its advanced engineering and many companies welcome foreign applicants and keep the design aspect of their business onshore. Foreign engineers are primarily needed in the automobile industry to design auto parts.

Aizelle Joe