Office Pantry Rules Every Employee Should Know

Most definitely, many would think that grownups are already aware about the proper office pantry etiquette, but in reality, you may be surprised but many aren’t mindful about proper manners.

Perhaps, nothing could be more annoying than people who hog almost the entire lunch tables and then leave their mess at the table. Who knew grownup people who don’t seem to have proper office etiquettes still exist until nowadays?

We have compiled some office pantry rules to live by to achieve a harmonious office life.

Keep the microwave clean

It is absolutely annoying to when it is your turn to use the microwave but there are all kinds of food splatters all over. Aside from being disgusting to see, it invites creepy insects and bugs too. Make sure that you wipe clean the microwave as courtesy to the next user.

Leave the pantry once you’re done eating

Most often, the designated space for office pantries is only limited, despite the bunch of employees who would be using it. Thus, once you’re done eating, immediate clean as you go since a lot of employees are waiting for their turn to use the pantry to have their meals.

Don’t hog the fridge

Bear in the mind that it’s not your personal ref and that there are a lot of other people in your office who need to keep their food and drinks chilled too. And, don’t forget to bring home any leftovers so it won’t rot inside the fridge. It’s absolutely irresponsible, annoying and unhygienic for a grown up like you.

Don’t eat food inside the fridge that’s not yours

Just because someone stored his or her food or drink in the fridge, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s for everybody. Imagine how it would feel if you found out that somebody has eaten your food or at least half of it. For sure, you would no longer want to eat that leftover. So, don’t do it to others.

Aizelle Joe