One of Philippines’ Tourist Spots Now Close to Public

Now, it is one less tourist spot for the Philippines after one of Quezon Province’s famous tourist spot closed to public due to lack of permits and increasing complaints from its guests.

Due to lack of permits and increasing complaints from guests, one of Quezon Province’s tourist spots has been shut down by its municipal government.

According to news reports, the municipal government of Pagbilao suspended the operation of a renowned beach destination along Tayabas Bay due to increasing complaints from its guests and lack of permits.

In a news update posted at the official website Pagbilao’s government, it was confirmed that Mayor Shierre Ann Portes - Palicpic ordered the closure of the beach resort which was best known as “puting buhangin” and “kuwebang lampas” in Barangay Ibabang Polo last June 28.

The cease and desist order was issued to the management of the resort after the three prior notices dated May 31, June 9 and June 19. The closure order was enforced by Pagbilao’s team.

The local government even placed visible banners along entry and exit points of the said tourist spot to announce its closure.

Meanwhile, in a statement issued by Jessica Antona, Pagbilao’s tourism officer, the resort’ temporary closure would not in any way affect tourist traffic since the town still has some other resorts in the same area and restaurant facing Tayabas Bay that have been constantly drawing guests from other regions.

So far, the resort was said to be a subject of a property dispute between the Pagbilao Development Corp. (PDC) and a native Pagbilao clan. And, ironically, both claimants have been separately operating the resort, with their respective caretakers stationed in different areas within its vicinity.

When asked who’s who, Antona claimed that as per the local assessor’s office’s records, PDC was religiously paying the area’s real property tax. However, none of them were applying for the necessary permits for its business operation.

Geographically, the place was nestled at the far end of a village’s coastline, featuring a huge limestone rock cliff with a unique small cave that is partially submerged into the crystal-clear water. The cave has openings on both end, giving its name “kuwebang lampas” or see through cave.

The place is perfect for photo shoots and snorkeling.

Back in April, the tourist spot went viral in Facebook after a guest tagged it as the “worst beach ever” and narrated her miserable experience there.

Thereafter, the local government of Pagbilao was bombarded with negative reports regarding the resort’s poor management, impolite staffs and excessive service cost among other complaints, which prompted Mayor Palicpic to meet with the concerned local government agencies and the resort management itself to address the issues.

Kudos to the local government of Pagbilao for its firm commitment in regulating and monitoring tourist spots in the area.

Aizelle Joe