One of a Kind Philippine Restaurant Where You Can Eat Dinner in the Middle of a Waterfall

This spectacular restaurant in the Philippines lets you eat in the middle of an actual and real-life waterfall.

If you want to try a whole new level of dining experience, add this marvelous tourist spot to your bucket list.

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is a renowned place in the Philippines where you can eat dinner in the middle a real-life waterfall.

This one of a kind restaurant is situated at the Villa Escudero, and its main specialty is seafood. Guests are seated at long rows of bamboo tables and chairs at the bottom of the astonishing water falling from the jungle.

Guests are allowed to play in the waterfall and are also often treated to local entertainment such as dancing and live band.

In addition to the unique dining experience you’ll get to try in this restaurant, given that you are soaked into the water coming right off the waterfall during your meal, you’ll definitely enjoy its culinary finery, which is not only perfect for your tummy but for your Instagram photos as well.

Moreover, the waterfall’s surrounding showcases lots of hiking trails and impressive opportunities for primo bird watching.

Aizelle Joe