Partners Who Fart in Front of Each Other are More Possibly to Have a Long Lasting Relationship

For some who have had close and passionate relationships and have devoted so much time and energy but still wasn’t able to make it work, it is completely difficult to be real in front of their partners and give their full trust.

For some people who find it difficult to be completely intimate with their partners, even in serious relationships, there is absolutely nothing new or weird about it.

Most probably due to reluctance, a lot of people find it difficult to be entirely real in front of their partners and tend to prevent doing things that they can comfortably do when alone – such as farting.

Obviously, farting is one of the few things people avoid doing in front of other people, and even their partners. And the reason for this is really simple - people don’t like doing unpleasant things in front of people they admire most and instead they try to impress them.

Ironically, people would rather be faking to impress instead of risk looking silly in front of their partners.

Meanwhile, the author of “Naked Parenting”, Leah Decesare, tackles about being pleasant while doing unpleasant things in front of your partner.

Decesare claimed that people are actually more possible to have a long lasting relationship when they are comfortable with each other, which includes doing unpleasant things such as farting in front of each other.

She further claimed that being comfortable to fart in front of each other means having a complete trust and sincerity with each other – and such things are very essential for a relationship.

Farting in front of your partner shows that you are close and intimate with each other. Thus, don’t be afraid to show the real you.

Just then same thing as you laugh or cry in front of them, it should also be fine for both of you to fart in front of each other.

Aizelle Joe