Philippine Embassy Comes to Aid Filipino Victims of Hurricane Irma

A team from the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. has come to give aid to the Filipino victims of Hurricane Irma in British Virgin Islands.

Following the devastation of hurricane Irma in the British Virgin Islands, a team from the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. has come out to give aid to our fellow Filipinos who became victims of the hurricane.

According to news reports, the embassy’s team brought with them relief supplies and started to arrange for the fast repatriation of 135 Filipinos there.

As previously reported by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), there were 136 Filipinos who sought for assistance to be repatriated after a strong Hurricane “Irma” devastated island-territories in the Carribean Sea last week before eventually heading to the United States (US) southeastern coast.

In a statement released by the Philippine Embassy, a representative claimed and we quoted as follow:

“The Embassy Response Team entered the British Virgin Islands and met with the Filipino community there today,”

Philippine Embassy

The embassy further added that those Filipinos who have asked to be repatriated will be directly brought back to the Philippines.

Aizelle Joe