Philippine Passport Renewal Requires New Additional Certificate

Along with the approval of the proposal to extend passport validity up to 10 years, passport renewal now requires an additional certificate due to the new advanced system used in issuing new passports.

In line with the approval of a proposal to extend passport validity by up to 10 years, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) now requires an additional certificate in order for passport holders to renew their passports.

Due to the new advanced system in passport renewal, a complete data of an applicant needs to be keyed in according to the agency.

If you will notice, the only address stated in old passports is the province and not including the city and municipality. Thus, to back up this incomplete data, applicants have to bring an original copy of their birth certificate.

Vice consul, Elizabeth Picar Ramos, noted that the additional requirement for passport renewal is only for those passport holders whose passport does not include the city or municipality of their birth place. They have to secure an authenticated copy of their birth certificate from the former National Statistics Office (NSO), now Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

This new additional requirement is effective for applicants, who will renew their passport beginning this August, 2017. Therefore, Ramos is encouraging all applicants to make sure that they bring the all the necessary requirements to ease the process.

Ramos also reminded the Filipinos that applicants for passport renewal may book an appointment online as early as 10 months before their passport expires.

Nowadays, both passport application and renewal are strictly scheduled by online appointment through Passport Appointment Portal.

Aizelle Joe