Philippines’ New President, Rodrigo Duterte, Vows to End Crime and Corruption

The Philippines’ newly elected President, Rodrigo Duterte is promising a major change for the country and its 102 million countrymen.

Duterte has been well-known for his crude remarks during his campaign period for the country’s highest position. And since majority of his countrymen has been longing for a true change, they have been fascinated by the man’s words of promises, he won his bid.


Exactly a week after he won the election, Duterte took the center stage and told the reporters in his hometown of Davao, where he had been the Municipal Mayor for 22 long years, about his plans for the country.


He vows to bring back the death penalty, allowing police to shoot people involving in organized crimes.


He also plans to reinforce cigarette and liquor ban in public areas, and punish the parents who would allow their minor children to go out after 10 o’clock in evening.


He further claimed that the government would crack down over-speeding and drunken drivers. Also, loud noises at night would be observed, such as loud music, so that people can sleep safe and sound at night.


And, for his best promise, Duterte further vows to put fight corruption, which many incumbent politicians failed to do so.


Furthermore, since he is now the Republic of the Philippines’ newly elected President, he likewise vows that he would not be the same person who made crude remarks and jokes and cursed other people. In fact, he is set to take the office by June 30, 2016. Thus, he is now only promising a big change in this country but also in his own behavior.


However, his promise to reduce crime by putting in place tough penalties for crime has sent human rights advocates fuming, claiming that he went too far in using death squads to kill more than 1,000 people.


Just the same week, Duterte met with the Chinese Ambassador, and he claimed that the meeting went well. Apparently, he assumes that the relations between the Philippines and China will eventually improve.


For several years, the country’s relation with China have been tense over the latter’s claim in the South China Sea. Unfortunately, the said dispute over one of the world’s most important water ways also affects Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei.


Hopefully, Duterte’s promise that he would be a different kind of president would indeed bring a real great change in this country and its countrymen. A country with a good leader is in good stand in the economy.

Aizelle Joe