Point-to-point Bus Lines Starts Ferrying Passengers Between NAIA and Clark

Passengers from Clark will no longer have to worry too much about their struggles in traveling to reach Manila as new point-to-point buses are finally here.

On September 15, Friday, point-to-point buses have started carrying passengers between Clark International Airport in Pampanga and Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City.

According to news reports, Genesis Transport Services Inc., the bus line that won the bidding for the said route, claimed that at it will initially deploy 10 buses for the said route, but by next year, its number of units is expected to grow to 48.

Each bus is equipped with a GPS Tracker, CCTV, Wi-Fi and charging stations for mobile gadgets, making the life of commuters more safe and convenient. Each bus can also ferry at least 50 passengers.

A trip from Clark, Pampanga to NAIA, Pasay City will cost P350.00, if from Clark, Pampanga to Ortigas, Pasig City, it will cost P300.00 and if from Clark, Pampanga to North Edsa, Quezon City, it will cost P250.00.

Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation claimed that more point-to-point bus routes from Clark to other points in northern and central Luzon would be available soon. We just have to wait for it, but at least sooner or later, our traveling experiences would be way easier, safer and more convenient.


Aizelle Joe