Proper Public Transportation Etiquette

At some point of our life, we have to use public transportation. So take some time to learn the proper etiquettes when taking a public ride. Here are some of the important manners to remember.

Even if you are living in a suburban, or you have your own car, you will probably have to take a public transportation eventually. Thus, it is important to know the proper public transportation etiquettes and practice polite manners.

When you take a bus or a train

It is a standard practice to let passengers off first before getting on a bus or train. Leave the area in front of the center of the door while you are waiting for your turn to get in. Once you get in, it would be more convenient for you and for everyone if you move inside than near the door. In fact, there tends to be more space inside.

When you are on the bus or train

Try to leave the priority seats for the elderly and the pregnant women. Also, in some public transports, they have female-only cars or rows to protect women from sexual harassment, so watch out for it. Also, be considerate to others. Refrain from talking loud on your cellphone or listening to loud music. When you get the chance to be seated, be sure to occupy just the space intended for one person only and don’t stretch your legs into the aisle. Keep in mind that you are in a public place where you have to share with others.

Eating and drinking inside the bus or train

While it is allowed to eat and drink inside the bus, some trains don’t allow eating and drinking inside. If you really can’t refrain from eating and drinking inside the bus or train, avoid brining alcohol and other foods with strong smell. And if you have trash after eating and drinking, dispose it properly in a garbage bin at the bus stop or at the next station.

Children also need to have good manners

Try as much as possible to move bags and strollers to the side. When you are accompanying children, prevent them from screaming and running around the bus or the train. Teach the children not to occupy more seats than needed and not to stand on the seats with their shoes.

Getting off the bus or train

When getting off the bus or train, always remember to get off in an orderly manner and don’t push others. If there is a line from the train going to staircase and escalators, fall in line properly.

Aizelle Joe