Pulse Asia Says President Rodrigo Duterte is The Most Approved and Trusted Among Last Presidents

So far, President Rodrigo Duterte is the most approved and trusted president among the past four Philippine presidents according to Pulse Asia.

According to Pulse Asia, President Rodrigo Duterte earned an 80 percent trust and approval rating as of September this year. In fact, said rating is much higher than any rating received by the past presidents, Benigno Aquino III, Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo and Joseph Estrada.

In a matter of one year beginning September, 2016, President Duterte earned an average performance approval rating of 81.8 percent and an average trust rating of 82.8 percent since July 2016 until September, 2017.

Meanwhile, the said computations do not cover precisely the same months or period since Pulse Asia’s survey are being conducted inconsistently round the year. In fact, during Arroyo’s administration, Pulse Asia’s first few ratings came each month, while during Aquino’s administration, there were five months gap between each surveys.

Ironically, despite criticisms from various local and international oppositions of his administration’s campaign to crackdown illegal drugs, which have allegedly resulted in the killing of thousands of drug suspects, President Duterte’s rating still always topped that of his predecessors.

The Malacañang was pretty pleased with the Pulse Asia’s recent survey results.

“The President accepts this public appreciation with all humility, but regardless of survey results, PRRD and the members of his Cabinet would continue to work and advance public interests and build, as he said in numerous occasions, a nation worthy of the Filipinos,”

-Presidential spokesperson, Secretary Harry Roque

Aizelle Joe