[RECIPE] Leche Flan – One of Filipinos’ Favorite Delicacy

Last night, a friend from a not-so distant town of Candaba, Pampanga visited us and brought several dozens of duck eggs which they harvested from the poultry in Candaba. By the way, Candaba’s primary source of income is from poultry and fish farms. I am very grateful for having thoughtful friends like them.

So, the next morning, since duck eggs produce a very creamy and delicious leche flan, I decided to make Leche Flan, and distributed it to my friends and colleagues and I have been pretty overwhelmed by their feedbacks. I am glad everyone loved the dessert I made out of the duck eggs and so now, I am sharing my secret recipe for a creamy leche flan.


30 pcs. medium-sized duck eggs
5 cans condensed milk
2 can evaporated milk
Grated lime pulp
1 kilo sugar
20 pcs. regular-sized llaneras or the traditional oval-sized baking pans used for cooking leche flan.

Direction for cooking:

1.    Mix all the first four ingredients and stir in a mixing bowl.
2.    Now, add half of the sugar and stir again and then filter using strainer.
3.    Put the remaining sugar in a pot and melt until it becomes caramelized.
4.    Spread the caramelized sugar at the bottom of each llaneras and let it set.
5.    Pour the liquid mixture into each llaneras.
6.    Arrange the filled llaneras into the steamer and let it steam at a low fire.
7.    Cooking time may take 40 to 2 hours depending on how long the mixture would take its time to set.
8.    To determine if is done, touch the flan, it nothing sticks on your finger, then it’s already cooked.
9.    Chill. It is best served when refrigerated.

Aizelle Joe