[RECIPE] SINIGANG NA HIPON – Filipino Style Simmered Shrimp

Despite my busy daily routine as a working mom, I never fail to cook for my family and this morning, I didn’t had a hard time thinking about today’s menu since my daughter had already requested today’s dish, she said she wants to eat shrimp and so as your highness had wished for, I cooked her favorite and so as many Filipinos do – Sinagang na hipon or shrimp simmered into unripe tamarind extract.

Ingredients :

½ kilo shrimp
1 medium size radish sliced diagonally
Kangkong leaves
2 medium size tomatoes sliced
Unripe tamarind pre-boiled and extracted
Pinch of salt to taste

Direction :

1.    Combine the shrimp and sliced radish into a boiling pot, add salt to taste and let it simmer.
2.    Add the Kangkong leaves.
3.    When the Kangkong leaves and radish are both cooked, add the tomatoes and the extracted tamarind soup.
4.    Taste.
5.    Let it simmer until 2-3 minutes and serve.

Note: It is best served when hot. You also might want to add other varieties of veggies like eggplant or some onions and it’s just perfect.

Aizelle Joe