Reasons Why Happy Couples Don’t Talk Much About Their Relationships on Social Media

We are here in a time when people care more about social media posts than what is happening in the real world.

Nowadays, people usually evaluate someone’s life based on the social media posts and photographs that appear on someone’s account and most of the time, we ended up giving wrong conclusions.

Apparently, happy couples don’t seem to post the story of their lives on social media, and we discovered the reason why.

Happy couples live in the present

If everything went well, happy couples care less about anything about the past or the future. All they care about is their happiness at present. They don’t bother wasting time sharing their happy moments online just to show off. The fact that their lives are already making them so happy is more than enough for them.

Happy couples will gain nothing from posting relationship issues on social media

Happy couples believe that posting their personal issues on social media is the least effective way to solve their relationship issues. In fact, it will only get worse.

Real happiness comes from simply being in a happy relationship

That being said earlier, the joy of being together with the one you love in a healthy relationship is more than enough to achieve true happiness. Happiness can’t be found in posting about being together on social media.

Happy couples don’t have to prove anything to anyone

Happy couples who are truly in a joy of healthy relationship don’t have any interest on using each other as testament to their happiness. In fact, they even care less whether their social media account states they are “in a relationship” or not.

Happier couples are those who don’t use social media

Studies have revealed that those people who aren’t into social media are a lot happier than those who are on social media because they don’t usually compare themselves to others. By engaging too much on social media, people often forget that all that matters are the reality of our lives, our relationship status in reality, our unforgettable experiences and most importantly, our feelings.

Aizelle Joe