Research Says People With Baby Faces Are More Successful In Life

As with everything else that come in our lives, there are lots of other benefits to having a baby face such as saving a lot of money on age defying products and shopping in kids section without fear of judgement, and – apparently you are more successful than the others.

In a recent study published at the Psychological Science, it was observed whether leaders with baby faces would be more successful.

The study made a remarkable discovery claiming that those people who look like they’re drinking from a fountain of youth have the magnificent ability to evoke feelings of warmth, trust and cooperation while minimizing feelings of threat, competition and the likes.

In an article published on Science of Relationship called this theory as “The Kylie Jenner Effect”, it claimed:

“Adults show a preference for and make more positive evaluations of infant faces when compared to adult faces, with these positive evaluations of infants most pronounced amongst females.. This is because baby faces evoke “caretaking” responses. They look like they want to be nurtured.”

So, happy are the baby faces!

Aizelle Joe