Study Reveals Texting and Photography are Filipinos Top Mobile Phone Activities

Nowadays, it is far possible for most people to live without a smart mobile phone at hand.

For many Filipinos, spending the day without smart mobile phones at hand means a day without sending text messages their family and peers or taking photos.

In a recent study conducted by the GlobalWebIndex during the first half of this year, it was revealed that 79.9 percent of Filipinos typically use their smart mobile phones for texting and some 79.8 percent use theirs for photography.

Also, 69.1 percent of Filipinos enjoy playing games using their smart mobile phones, while 60.1 percent loves recording videos and some 58.2 percent is into internet browsing.

Based on the recent research, which rounds out the top 10 in the things most Filipinos love to do with their mobile phones are as follow:

• Taking selfies (56%)
• Installing applications (54.2%)
• Sending e-mails (53%)
• Using emojis (49.8%)
• Making video calls (37.4%)

Obviously, Filipinos are very fond of using smart mobile phones and internet.

Aizelle Joe