Study Says Majority of Filipinos Still Favor President Duterte’s War on Drugs

Despite the back-to-back criticisms from political opponents and human rights advocates against President Duterte’s war on drugs campaign, a study revealed that many Filipinos still favor the president’s movement.

According to a recent international study, a huge majority of Filipinos still continue to have favorable view of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on illegal drugs campaign.

The American think tank, Pew Research Center, interviewed some 1,000 Filipinos from February to May this year for its Global Attitudes Survey.

The study noted that the survey was conducted before the alleged police killing of the 17-year-old Kian Loyd Delos Santos, which has raised questions on how the police carry out the President’s war on drugs.

"Duterte is well-liked domestically and his policies, including his approach to the war on drugs, are generally popular among Filipinos,"

-study says

The survey claims that 86% of the Filipinos hold a favorable opinion of President Duterte, having 41 percent of the participants claiming they are “very favorable” of the President, while only 12 percent gives him unfavorable view.

The study further claimed that around two-thirds or more of the Filipinos approve of the job that President Duterte performs.

Moreover, 78 percent of Filipinos approve the president’s handling of illegal drug matters. Huge majorities likewise support his stand on crime, corruption and terrorism.

They study further revealed that even among those who give Duterte unfavorable view, more than half of which approve of his handling of certain issues such as economy (54%), corruption (55%), terrorism (55%) and illegal drugs (59%). Meanwhile, 55 percent condemn of his handling of crime.

Also, the research found out that 62 percent believes that the government is making a good progress in its anti-illegal drugs campaign, while 21 percent claim that things remain to be the same as they were in the past and some 15 percent believes that government is so far losing ground.

Malacañang on the other hand welcomed the said findings and reiterated that the current administration’s war on illegal drugs will continue to be persistent.

"Our campaign against illegal drugs and criminals continues to get unwavering support from our people," it said in a statement.. The campaign against illegal drugs, as the President said, would be relentless until the drug apparatus is dismantled, the last drug pusher is out of the streets, and the last drug trafficker behind bars,"


Aizelle Joe