Survey Says Filipinos Spend Most Time Online in Southeast Asia

A recent survey says that netizens in the Philippines spend the most time online among selected countries in Southeast Asia.

According to a recent survey conducted by the global content delivery network services, it was revealed that Filipinos are far more forgiving of slowly performing website experiences as they spend most time online among selected countries in the Southeast Asia.

In a report entitled as “State of the User Experience – Southeast Asia” by Limelight Networks Inc., it observed some 1,600 consumers in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.

The said report aims to succeed the consumer experience online, helping e-commerce firms in the best way to entice netizens.

While the study revealed that netizens in the Philippines spend the most time online outside work, followed by Malaysia where people allocate some 16 or more hours every week in the digital platform, it also noted that netizens in Singapore on the other hand spend the least time online.

The study further claimed that the time spent online differs by generations. With millenials spending less time compared to other generations, a surprising trend that was seen in all countries except Singapore. The survey described those age 18 to 34 as millenials.

When observed closely, the survey showed that Filipinos spend most of their extra time on social media, leading ahead in this activity compared the usage of consumer in other countries.

Aizelle Joe