The Amazing Health Benefits of Aratiles We Do Not Know

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, a lot of flowering plant can be found here in the country which includes the Aratiles tree. In fact, it is very common all over the country, but most of us aren’t aware about the amazing health benefits that this sweet and juicy fruit can bring.

Filipinos’ “aratiles” or “saresa” or Muntingia Calabura in its scientific name is a flowering plant which is very common in the Philippines. In fact, you can see it just around the corner outside the house or at the backyard. It yields large number of tiny round fruits which is edible and sweet and juicy in taste. In other countries, it is best known as Kerson fruit or Kerson cherry.

Since it is very common herein the country, its fruit are often ignored by many, but what we do not know is that it carries many powerful health benefits brought by its antibacterial compound.

According to health experts, aratiles has an amazing ability to fight gout-related problems, inflammation, risks of heart attack, high blood pressure and even simple headache.

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and protein which can likewise aids to ease pain resulted by abdominal cramps.

Recent studies also suggest that it is a helpful pain blocker due to its properties similar to that of antinociceptive agents.

Furthermore, the fruit also has the ability to provide the following health benefits:


Aratilis’ tree leaves have that amazing power to prevent heart attacks due to the antioxidants that stops inflammation liable for myocardial infraction.

Vitamins and Minerals

Aratilis fruits contain useful vitamins and mineral other than fiber. Carbs, calcium and phosphorous which aids in strengthening bones, proteins and iron that is good for anemia, are present in its fruits, while its B-Vitamins helps in boosting your mood.

Aizelle Joe