The Cool Scientifically-based Reason to Wear Your Socks to Bed

Are you one of those people who always have trouble dozing off at night when you’re not wearing socks to bed? Well, here’s one good scientifically-based reason to support your footie habit.

For some unknown reason, there is a stigma involved to wearing socks to bed, with many people considering the habit a scornful violation of bedroom values.

Socks may be considered the cutest bedtime for many while for some it makes them cozier. Meanwhile, some people claim to have cold feet at night particularly during winter months that is why they wear socks to bed – the clean ones not the crusty ones. Also, other claimed that they do the habit as part of their beauty routine.

Fortunately, as it turns out, sleeping with your socks can be good for your sleeping routine.

In a previous study conducted by the researchers at the Sleep Laboratory in Switzerland, it observed the relationship between hand and foot temperatures and how fast people drift off.

During the said study, a group of young men were observed and each fell asleep quickly once their feet were warmed. Once the blood vessels dilate, which is called vasodilation, both in the hands and feet, the heat gets redistributed to the rest of the body. The study claimed that the vasodilation to the feet and hands helped the participants to doze off within a short period of time. They cool down faster.

Since the body’s core temperature cool down when the feet and hands warm up, the body begins to go into its bedtime calm. So, as the blood pressure drops, the brain receives signals from the body to prepare for sleep. Moreover, it is also possible that the sleep hormone melatonin increases production. To cut the story short, warm feet can keep your sheep count short as you hit the bed.

So if you feel like slipping your socks on before catching some sleep, go with it as you can now back up your footie habit with this new scientifically-based finding.

Aizelle Joe