The Fascinating Island of Siargao – The Teardrop Island

As the month of August kicks off, Siargao starts to take the center stage as well since the island has been renowned as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines for its excellent surfing conditions. And, such conditions usually begin from August until November during the Southwest monsoon or the so-called “Habagat”.

In fact, due to its perfect surfing wave with thick and hollow tube, an annual Siargao Cup is being held at the site. It is a a domestic and international competition.

Meanwhile, for non-surfer travelers, the island still has a lot more to offer for them.

This tear-drop shaped island, which is located approximately 800 kilometers southeast of Manila and lies in the province of Surigao del Norte, is the home of the largest mangroves forest reserve in Mindanao;

Its offshore is a classic tropical island surrounded with wide coral reefs and coconut palms at the center circle of the island.

It is also a home for picture-perfect islands in the country such as the Naked Island.It is one of the most famous island, thus it is also the most visited one. Literally, if you want to get naked and get a tan, this the perfect island for you. Also, the island got its name for its being stripped of luxury accessories and even the typical coconut trees alone in the middle of the ocean.

Now, if you want to see a bigger island, hop into one of the biggest island ofSiargao – the Daku Island. The island actually has a barangay in it due to its extent.Daku Island offers   fine white sand, towering coconut trees and clear blue waters.

Meanwhile, just few hundred meters north of Daku Island comes the Guyam Island.It is beautifully composed of ivory-white sand on one end and hard corals on the other. Also, the island is a home to coconut, talisay, or beach almond, pine and grasses that has boomed there for many years. Thanks to the hard corals that protects the island from storm surge and endless tidal ground movement.

Moreover, other than surfing, beach hopping and seafood feast, travelers can also enjoy crocodile watching in Siargao so come now and experience the fun brought by this teardrop island.

Aizelle Joe