The Nature of the Japanese Working Environment

It is known to everybody that the nature of the Japanese working culture is tough in terms of the number of working hours and focus required to details.

If you really want to get a job in Japan or work in a Japanese company, make sure that you are quite familiar with the nature of their working environment first.

Longer Working Hours

The Japanese people have been best known as hard working who exert in many hours on the job. In fact, an average Japanese works at least 9 hours a day. They are very motivated to work that much for the sake of competition.

For them, competition means their length of working hours will determine whether they are qualified for an opportunity to a more senior position as seniority is still very dominant in the country. Apparently, the length of their working time affects their promotion.

Drinking as Part of Work

Japanese people also love drinking after all in a day’s work. In fact, in Japan, it is highly recommended to have a drink with your colleagues after work. From the Japanese perspective, spending some time drinking with the colleagues can bring relaxation that is not possible to achieve when working. They believe that it will bring a positive change as the colleagues will be more honest with each other about any disagreements related to the job which they seem to agree about at the workplace.

Seniority Respect

Since seniority is very dominant in the country, its culture values its elders for their wisdom. During meetings, members always allot time for the most senior colleagues to give their comments. Members shall pay attention to seniors and shall not disagree with them. Also, when bowing to a senior, people bend lower than normally.

Silence is also a Virtue

It is normal for a Japanese workplace to be quiet and focused. They considered being an extrovert to be a bad attitude. They actually don’t open up agreements directly. They keep any situation quiet and don’t chat with colleagues too frequently.

This is how the Japanese deal with each other in the workplace, very professional and considerate.

Aizelle Joe