Top 5 Job Portals in Japan

Job searching under the usual circumstances can be really challenging, and what more in a country where English isn’t commonly spoken. This is when a job portal website becomes haven for jobseekers in Japan.

Searching for a job in countries where English language isn’t rampant like Japan can be very challenging. Thus, many job seekers are grateful that there are several job searching websites that can make their Japanese job hunt go smoothly.

GaijinPot Jobs

This job portal’s comprehensive jobs page has everything a job seeker needs aside from being a user friendly. The site allows users to create their own accounts and store their resume. Most Japanese jobs listed on GajinPots are teaching jobs but there is a bunch of interesting job listings in other fields as well.


This job search website’s well-created resource has hundreds of jobs in a group of different categories. It has an advanced search option which allows a job seeker to search by language proficiency, location and others, providing efficiency to users.


Craiglist is a bit multi-service website, but when it comes to its job listings, particularly in Tokyo area is pretty extensive. Job seekers may find the usual teaching jobs, but may also find some of the best such as writing jobs and other creative work.

Jobs in Japan

For some people, this job portal website looks messy but finding a job here is like discovering a treasure chest of jobs that a job seeker probably won’t find on the other websites. A quick review of this website presents unusual job offers like football coaches, product testers and outdoor guides.

Career Engine

The job portal showcases lists of jobs for many different fields. Job seekers may find everything from English teaching jobs to front-end developing and smart phone game design positions. The website usually indicates the language requirements for each job position. Thus, a job seeker doesn’t have to waste so much time and effort browsing through each job posting.

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