Vacation Never Ends in the Philippines: Where To Go This Rainy Season

Despite the gloomy weather, vacation never ends in the Philippines as the country has a lot of stunning places to offer even on a rainy season.

Most definitely, summer is the season when we usually hit the road for a vacation or a travel experience, but the Philippines’ beautiful places never let the clouds keep you home as it keeps enticing people despite the gloomy weather.

While it is so tempting to stay at home during rainy days, when we see the country’s beautiful places, we can’t ward off the need to visit those sceneries once in a while.

Here are two of the best places to visit in the Philippines during rainy season:

Baguio City

If there is one place in the country where we all go for the cool weather, it is absolutely Baguio City. The place is best known for its cool afternoons and even cooler evenings. Thus, the city is a staple during summer. In fact, it is best known as the country’s Summer Capital and sometimes called as the City of Pines as well. The country is a home to a number of industrial parks and recreational facilities, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and calming cultural landscapes.

Tagaytay City

Tagaytay City is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations due to its outstanding scenery and cool climate provided by its high altitude. The city overlooks the famous Taal Lake and provides a perfect view of Taal Valcano in the middle of Taal Lake. In fact, it is considered as the country’s second summer capital next to Baguio City. Also, it is a home to many hotels, restaurants, industrial parks and resorts and other recreational facilities.

When you visit these two places on a rainy season, you’ll be surprised to know how they become an entirely different place on a gloomy weather.

Aizelle Joe